A Day Off the water in Nanaimo

We arrived in Nanaimo yesterday afternoon. Paddled to the water-access only pub off Protection Island before heading over to set up camp on Newcastle Island. The tide was low so we took some time hauling gear and boats up to the giant group campsite we were told to use. Brooke was disappointed to find that the shower required “loonies” (one Canadian dollar coins), and ended up filling the shower bag with cold water and holding it over her head in the shower stall…Nancy eventually came in and pointed out that she could have at least used the warm water from the faucet in the bathroom. After getting things sorted and an hour of nap time we took the pedestrian ferry to town and had dinner at a wonderful Greek restaurant.
Today we slept in, then had our regular oatmeal breakfast before heading back to town for resupply, coffee, and internet access. We seemed to have timed our town day pretty well since there is a strong wind warning in effect for the Nanaimo area today, and it is supposed to calm down by tomorrow morning when we hope to get back on the water! We are excited to start the next leg of the trip, crossing over to Texada Island and eventually make it to Powell River on the mainland. We will, however, miss our wonderful paddling companions, Eileen and Nancy. It has been so much fun having the two of them with us this first week. Aside from just being great people to be around, we have been able to absorb some of their extensive outdoor savvyness. Thank you ladies! (:




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  1. So glad to hear from you, I have been checking every day and I know you are not close, mostly, to internet, but I have checked anyway. Thanks for keeping us informed as to your adventures.

    paddle strong,

  2. Hey you two,
    It sounds amazing already, although I suspect that there may be done tougher days ahead. OK think it’s truly fantastic what you’re doing and hope that you can relish every moment and stay safe. Friends of mine are paddling around Britain and trying took beat the record – only 11 people have ever done it and the weather wasn’t kind to them to start with. Sounds as though you’ve been quite lucky so far and I hope it continues. I’m out in Borneo and loving it but early days and two months here – happy times!! X x

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