We made it to the end! Arrived in Skagway on August 31st around 1pm. It was a short paddle from Haines and we had a really strong tailwind that pushed us into town. We spent 6 awesome days in Haines, so it almost felt like that was already the end but it was still exciting to pull up on the shore after paddling for 3 months! We didn’t have any champagne but we toasted with our flasks and ate a Newman O because we were starving haha! Last night we went to a local bar that is also a tourist attraction by day for the cruise shippers. The Red Onion Bar had a local band playing, and today we got all touristy and took the White Pass train ride. We can’t believe it’s time to get on the ferry tomorrow and head for Bellingham. It’s been an incredible adventure, and we want to thank all the wonderful folks we have met along the way who invited us on their boats and into their homes, fed us, and shared their stories! These are the things that made the trip even more amazing :) A special thank you to Eileen and Forrest (the Yelly’s) for all their help and generosity with trip planning, food prep, food drops, and hostel stays! Also a special thank you to Barbara Jones for the new gear and hostel stay! You guys are awesome and we couldn’t have made this trip happen without y’all!









20 thoughts on “Wolves…Bears…Skagway!

  1. You guys made it! CONGRATULATIONS! Of course I knew you would, but what an adventure. Can’t wait to see you and hear more. <3

  2. Congratulations it is quite an achievement.We met in Hartley Bay I think it was your 50th day out.Take care.

  3. Congrats ladies. It was a pleasure to follow such an amazing trip!!!! Have told many customers about your travels. Waiting for the book to be written! You two are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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