All the way to Haines

We left glacier bay and headed toward Haines! We were dreading the first section out of glacier bay because we were backtracking but it wasn’t too bad. Went by pretty quickly. Took us 6 days to get to Haines! Arrived on Day 86 of the trip! On day 4 we headed into the Lynn Canal and it is a spectacular place and also the longest and deepest fiords in the world! It runs 90 miles south from the Chilkat River inlet to the Chatham strait and Stephens Passage. We had awesome views of snow capped mountains and glaciers! It’s beginning to turn into Fall up here and the rain and wind started to move in on us. We have still been lucky because the winds were coming out of the south and gave us a big push. A couple of big water days with the wind which is always fun. Nothing crazy though. Some 3 to 4 footers with white caps every now and then! The tides were big as well with huge low tides in the mornings which made carry and loading boats interesting! A couple of negative 3 foot tides. We would go to bed with a nice normal smaller rocky beach and wake up to rock walls and huge barnacle covered boulders that we got to crawl over and around with the kayaks and gear! Makes for an exciting morning for sure haha. We have really enjoyed our stay in Haines! It’s a cool town with great people. Thanks so much to Katey and Eric for hosting and feeding us at their awesome house! Eric let us take over his man cave/music room. We even went to hear a local funk band play our first night here. Only one day out from Skagway which is our final destination! We definitely feel like we have been paddling for almost 90 days, but I at the moment I can’t imagine doing anything else! Might be a little weird eating and sleeping indoors again on a regular basis haha :)