Arrived in Glacier Bay!

Excited to start our paddle up the east side of Glacier Bay and into the Muir Inlet! It’s been 4 days since we left Juneau and the weather has been amazing! Bit of a brutal paddle out of Juneau because of the shallow waters of the Gastineu Channel. I can safely say we have had our fill of mud and tidal flats! Next day we paddled out of the Stephens Passage and into the Icy Strait! We saw a lot of porpoises which was cool. The last camp spot before entering Glacier bay was on pleasant island just south of Gustavus! Amazing spot with ridiculous views of white capped mountains! We got in early and were able to chill out in the sun and relax. Super foggy this morning as we made our way into the national park! Couldn’t see land at all for the first hour and a half and just went off a bearing! Makes things a little exciting for sure. We did have 3 huge stellar sea lions follow us for a bit! Also saw a lot of sea otters along the way as well! So cute! Landed in Bartlett Cove around 2pm and checked in with the forest service and did our orientation about camping in the park! We are so excited for this!