Wrangell, AK!

Paddled into Wrangell yesterday around 430pm! The weather has been so amazing. It was 77 degrees yesterday. We have been in the NW too long and were dying haha. It took 5 days to paddle from Ketchikan to here. It was around 80 miles. We headed up the Clarence Strait and camped on the Cleveland Peninsula about 10 miles south of Meyers Chuck. We never paddle very far after a town stop for some reason, but the next day we busted out another 20+ miler and headed into the Ernest Sound and across Union Bay! Although the weather has been ridic, the current and wind has been against us hard pretty much all 5 days! We have decided that the currents will switch when it sees us coming haha. The Ernest Sound is beautiful! It’s a wide channel with small mountains, rolling green hills,and gumdrop islands in the middle! We were paddling past Easterly Island in the middle of the sound and kept hearing this crazy loud noise. It sounded like a broken chainsaw and there is a lot of logging around here so I assumed that’s what it was. Felt like an idiot later when Kelly says “man those sea lions over there are loud”! Haha
Night 3 was awesome because we stayed in the Frosty Bay Forest Service Cabin! We got lucky that it wasn’t taken. It’s amazing how just having a roof over your head and a flat spot to eat and sleep on can feel like major luxury. I’m always happy when we don’t have to do a bear hang! We were so dang hot from the tropical weather we even jumped in the water for a bit to cool off. Only took us 59 days out here to do it :) Day 60 ended up being a doozy for sure…at least I felt that way! Made it up the Seward passage and then headed up the Blake Channel. I paddled this way 3 years ago and the channel was so easy and calm. This time there was gusting wind and a pretty strong current. It sucked because you stare at your camping destination for the entire 10 miles you are in there! Unfortunately once we got to Berg Bay that cabin was occupied and we had to paddle out and down the Eastern Passage towards Wrangell for a bit and found a terrible swampy, grassy site for the night. We decided we were do for a crappy spot and just went to bed super early. We stayed in the Presbyterian Church Hostel in town. Going to eat a big greasy town breakfast this morning and then head out toward Juneau. We haven’t decided if we will stop in Petersburg. We are paddling to Juneau via the Seymour Canal where there is a portage tram to walk walk your boats across! Super excited about this. Should be fun!