Two nights in shearwater!

Alright so technically left Shearwater yesterday, but the service was awful there and the Internet terrible too! Took us 7 days to get there from port hardy, but it was awesome paddling as always and even more wildlife sitings. Our biggest concern on this leg was the dreaded Cape Caution where we had read and been told stories about 20 foot peaking waves and shallow rocks, but we had great weather and virtually no wind so I’m not sure we deserve the badge of honor folks say you get for paddling it haha! We caught our first fish from the kayaks. It was a descent size rock fish but we were unprepared and had to throw it back. Kelly almost got taken down while battling what we assume was a lingcod. It got away back into its hole! Right after we rounded the cape we were greeted by a gray whale. It was pretty close to us and just around us feeding while we paddled. Probably the coolest thing we have encountered and also a little spooky were wolf tracks circling our tent one morning. We never heard or saw it unfortunately! Stopped in Namu which used to be a booming fishing area and cannery in the 1940s up to the 1970s. Now it’s looked after by these retired logging people, Rene and Pete. It’s was an interesting place that’s hard to describe. Most of the buildings were collapsing, but there was a floating dock area with a kitchen and bathroom. We got two awesome fish dinners from two different fishing groups! From there we were two days out from Shearwater. Paddled up the Fitzhugh Sound into Llama Passage! Our fishing buddies, Shane and Tony came up to us as were crossing the sound and gave us a massive crab to boil up! Stopped in Bella Bella on the way into shearwater to resupply food. Had a blast in Shearwater and was able to do laundry and shower! Met up with Shane and tony again for another amazing fish and crab dinner! Thanks Guys :) Now we are headed for Prince Rupert. The last stop before Alaska, woo!!